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WE STILL CALL HIM “COACH” “There was a man sent from God...” John 1:6 Isn't it amazing that the Creator of the universe, with all creation at His disposal, still chooses to use an individual? The greatest influence in the life of any person is the influence of another person. In our highly technological era, what makes the deepest impression for good is a good person. Fifty years ago I met a man (a football coach) who would forever influence my life for good. I wasn't even aware of what was taking place until years later. I spent three years closely associated with this man.  He was "Coach" and I was one of his players, and when that "day by day" association was ended, I still had no clue of how this man had etched a part of his philosophy and character deep within me. Often when I would fail and begin to feel sorry for myself, I would see his blazing eyes and hear his roaring voice screaming "Get up!" I never stopped fearing Jack Brewer. I stood in awe of him. I respected him with the highest of respect. I never doubted where he stood. When I finally began to catch on, to some extent, what Coach Brewer was about, I saw that he really loved me. He loved me so much that he demanded the best I could give. He would not allow me to quit. It started out physically on the football field, but it transcended into the spiritual realm...not just me, but to so many other boys and young men who had the opportunity to come under his training. What we learned far exceeded a game played by athletes. It was not many months after having met Coach Brewer that I became a Christian. He never portrayed himself as a religious man, but those who knew him, knew him as a deeply spiritual man. He was a good neighbor, administrator, teacher, friend and husband. He treated the boy who carried out his groceries the same as he treated an All- American. Whether you were a fishing buddy, a coffee drinking buddy or yardman; Coach cared about each one. He had no time for phonies, big shots or braggarts. Consequently, he made enemies as well as friends. He was a "throwback" to a simpler way of life. He didn't own a computer and was never on the Internet, yet he could converse about any subject. He was successful in every position he was asked to fill in his many years in the educational system. He received many honors during his lifetime, but his greatest honor would have to be the people from every walk of life who paid tribute to him as a friend; some who had known him for 60 years and those who had known him for only five years.
A couple of years ago, Coach was given a few months to live, but true to form, he fought for much longer. During that time, many accolades were given to him by ex- players, including the reunion of the 1954 Texas Conference Champions of which, not one player that could be located, was absent. 100% attendance! Jack Brewer was just a man. He was not perfect and would be the first to admit it. I did not worship him, but I do worship his Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am sincerely thankful that God sent Coach Brewer into my life. I am glad that God uses "sinners saved by grace" to do His work. God is in the "people business." He has angels, cherubim, seraphim and the Internet at His disposal, yet He still uses people.  He uses imperfect people to do His perfect work.  He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. On December 27, God called Coach home. In our conversations, both in person and over the phone, since the doctor's announcement of his impending death, Coach had always brought up his relationship with the Lord, his inward peace and his joy that only comes from the Lord. When I received the call about his death, I immediately thought of the verse about John the Baptist. I did not live then, so I can only imagine what that meant to the people associated with John. I can "apply" the concept to my life and tell you that I am thankful... there was another man sent from God and his name was Jack! Keep Looking Up! In loving memory of Leland Maples (1934-2017)
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